About Us

Our Staff


Owner Linda Winter

Linda and her husband Geoff have worked hard to make Winter  Oaks Stables an ideal place for riders of all ages and riding styles. Well thought out facilities provide for an ease of use, pleasant and peaceful surroundings, and a welcoming family friendly environment. As active riders, they are involved daily in the facility. This insures that even the little things that make a barn great are attended to every day. 


 Rachel Calabria     C & C Sport Horses

A long time student and resident at Winter Oaks Stables, Rachel is our very competent head trainer. Steeped in Classical Dressage and Eventing, she offers training and lessons for those looking to both improve their riding and compete. Rachel has earned her USDF Silver medal and is preparing for her USDF Gold medal. Rachel works well with riders of all ages and ability levels. She travels occasionally to Germany to ride with private instructors there to improve her training, riding and teaching techniques. She is able to offer both horse buying excursions and learning opportunities in Germany to students. 

Renee Albrecq     Victory Farms

Renee offers a broad spectrum of English riding to students of all ages and ability levels. She has a long history of training riders in the Hunter/Jumper arena. A successful trainer/ instructor on the local scene, Renee is well respected and sought after. Renee also offers in hand lessons based on the classical ideals of Equine Biomechanics.

Maribeth Webb     Jump This

With a lifetime of experience in the Hunter/Jumper world as well as Eventing experience; Maribeth offers a full spectrum of English riding instruction and training here at Winter Oaks Stables. Teaching students of all ages and skill levels, as well as training Hunter/Jumper and Dressage horses with classical methods; Maribeth brings a well rounded program to bear. She is active in the local showing area with excellent results. Maribeth also practices the classical principles of Equine Biomechanics.


The Facility

Winter Oaks Stables is conveniently located just off Interstate 35E in the Denton area of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Nestled into a crook of Lewisville Lake, is offers quiet seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the city yet is still a quick drive from most everywhere. The 30 acres is situated next to US Corps of Engineers maintained land; offering miles of peaceful trail riding. 

The barn is designed for the Texas climate with an open breeziness for the hot summer months. In the winter, it is snug and warm but thoughtfully ventilated. For the hot summers, Winter Oaks has both in stall fans and barn aisle fans to keep the air moving. There is a small monthly fee for the stall fans in the summer. There are also roof exhaust fans to get the hot air out of the top of the barn. In the winter months, Winter Oaks offers a basic blanketing service at no extra charge. But if you need custom blanketing, that is available for a small monthly fee.

Barn amenities include 2 spacious tack rooms with tack lockers and plenty of saddle and bridle racks. There are 2 wash bays featuring overhead shower arms, hot and cold water and rubber mat flooring. There are laundry facilities for your saddle pads and leg wraps.   And a large wash basin with hot and cold water for your tack cleaning needs with plenty of hooks for bridles and such. Four cross tie grooming areas are available also with rubber mat flooring, great lighting and electric plug ins for clippers.  

Stalls in the main barn are 12ft x 12ft and feature full height sliding doors. Solid walls go up 4 feet and are topped with 4 feet of heavy gage 2" square wire. Stall fronts are heavy gage vertical pipe. Each stall also features a large window looking out on the variety of scenery on the farm. This design encourages social action between horses, enhances air flow throughout the barn, but keeps our horses safely separated. Winter Oaks encourages the use of stall guards, giving your horse a view of the daily activities in the barn. During summer months, the barn is open to the breezes with the air flow down the main aisles helping to keep the barn interior cool and comfortable. In the winter, during foul weather, barn doors and stall windows are closed; keeping the barn snug and comfy. Due to the careful planning and design of the barn, even during the worst of weather, ventilation remains excellent in the barn. 

Winter Oaks also offers 2 shed row barns. These feature a 12ft x 12ft covered area with bedding so your horse can get out of the direct sun or rain. They each have a 12ft x 24ft run out area, for those horses needing just a little more room. The summer fan and winter blanket amenities are also available in the shed rows. 

Feeding takes place three times daily at Winter Oaks. We offer coastal Bermuda hay 3 times each day and 2 types of grain as well. Need special supplements or grains fed to your horse? Not a problem. The staff is able to feed your provided supplements, grains and/or medications. And to make feeding these special items to your horse easier, we offer a feed storage shed for you to store your special feeds in. You only need to prepare them for the staff and provide them. There is also a small hay storage area if you want your horse to get a supplemental hay.

Stalls are cleaned a minimum of 3 times per day. They are bedded with premium shavings. Each stall has full rubber matting underneath the shavings. Often, staff clean the stalls as many as 5 times per day depending on your horse's turn out and work schedules. 

Horses are watered utilizing buckets. This aids staff in monitoring how much a horse is drinking. Buckets are scrubbed daily. During hot weather months, they are emptied and refilled with cool water up to 3 times per day. 

There are 3 arenas at Winter Oaks. The main arena is covered. This way you can ride rain or shine. This 20meter x 60 meter arena features custom sand based footing, rider friendly fencing, and full mirrors along one short wall of the arena. For night riding, there are lights. And for those who like music, a sound system is available. The jumping arena is an outdoor riding space also with a custom, sand based footing. And there is a 50ft round pen for those times when you need a smaller work area. Plus, riding is allowed in the pastures for those who want to get out of the arena. You can even request your lessons be held in a pasture. 

Winter Oaks has 6 pastures that are utilized for daily turn out 6 days per week. We determine if your horse is suitable for a group, a buddy, or a lone turn out. Or, you may request no turn out and when space is available; turn your horse out in a way that meets your and your horse's needs. Each pasture features grass (native Bermuda), trees, water troughs and plenty of space for playing or relaxing. All fences have electric top wires to prevent over-the fence frolicking with the horses in the next pasture. 

Just want to have the occasional lesson but really love to trail ride? Winter Oaks has that covered too. Just step out of the gate and you have access to miles of secluded trails through the woods on land maintained by the US Corps of Engineers. Just want a quick walk through the area? The road side riding near Winter Oaks is generally quiet. Low speed limits, a small amount of traffic, and the simple lanes of the township of Shady Shores offer a nice trail ride to help you relax away the worries of a hectic day. 

Need a place to park your trailer? When space is available, there is no charge for the parking space. 



Winter Oaks Stables has well qualified trainers ready to meet your training needs. Whether you want to go for the gold and show at the top levels or just want a nicer horse to ride; there is a trainer available for you. 

Winter Oaks offers both English and Western training. From Dressage to Reining, Hunter/Jumper to Eventing, or Cutting to Western Pleasure: you only need to inquire and our manager will direct you to the appropriate person to meet your training needs. 



A staff of instructors are ready to help you become a better rider, no matter what your goals are. From complete beginner to experienced rider wanting to learn more; our manager can direct you to the right instructor. Lessons are offered in both English and Western riding. 

If you are interested in a lesson program, contact the office for details.